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1、Instead of indulging in playing computer games, children should be taught how to benefit fromuseful information on the internet.应该教孩子们如何从互联网获取有益的信息,而不是沉溺于玩电脑游戏。

2、On no account(Under no circumstances)can we ignore the immense value of knowledge.我们绝不能忽视知识的巨大价值。

3、College students take part-time jobs not for more money but for a better understanding of 大学生参加兼职工作不是为了赚更多钱,而是为了更好地了解社会。

4、One’s salary does not depend so much on his educational background as on his ability andcontribution to the society.一个人的工资与其说取决于他的教育背景倒不如说取决于他的能力和对社会的贡献。

5、In terms of nutrition, fast food is far from satisfactory.从营养角度来说,快餐远非令人满意。

6、Parents would not expect their children to become useful persons without working hard.父母们不能指望孩子们不经过刻苦努力就可以成才。



   1、Undoubtedly, practical courses can be used to the reality, which is of vital importance to their development in the future. 毫无疑问,实用性课程可以用于实际中,这对于他们未来发展是非常重要的。

   2、Children tend to imitate what they have seen and heard on mass media, which is sometimesdangerous and harmful.孩子们倾向于模仿大众媒体上的所见所闻,这在有时是危险和有害的。

3、The majority of students believe that part-time jobs will provide them with more opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills, which may put them in a favorable position in the future job markets.大部分学生相信业余工作会使他们有更多机会发展人际交往能力, 这对他们未来找工作是非常有好处的。



1、This view is widely acknowledged;however,there is little evidence that smoking is beneficial to people’s health.这个观点被广泛认可,然而,几乎没有证据表明吸烟对人们健康有利。

2、Although(Whilst) the computer has been widely used in class, it cannot replace the role of teachers. 尽管计算机已经广泛用于课堂,但是它不能取代教师的作用。

3、Reasonable as the opinion sounds, it cannot bear much analysis. 虽然这个观点听起来有道理,但是它经不住分析。

4、In spite of a lot of conveniences that cars bring to people’s life, it can create a series of serious problems.尽管汽车给人们的生活带来了许多便利,但是也产生了一系列严重的问题。



1、If we destroy old buildings, then we will ruin the traditional culture and heritage. 


2、You would miss the chance to interact with other students if you used internet at home.假如你在家上网,你就会失去与其他同学交流的机会。

3、Once youchange your present job, you will be faced with the danger of being unemployed.一旦你变换了现在的工作,就面临着失业的危险。



1、Only in this way can the problem be tackled properly. 只有这样才能妥善地解决这个问题。 

2、Only when children take arduous efforts can they become successful. 只有当孩子们付出艰苦的努力他们才能获得成功。

3、Not only does studying in school serve academic purpose, but students learn how to handle interpersonal relations. 在校学习不仅为了学术目的,而且还可以学会如何处理人际关系。

4、Under no circumstances should youngsters follow negative information on mass media blindly.青少年决不应当盲从大众媒体上的不良信息。

5、So valuable is water that we cannot afford to waste it. 时间是如此珍贵,我们经不起浪费它。

6、Nowadays, most dangerous for youngsters is the tendency to indulge in playing PC games. 如今对青少年较为危险的事情是倾向于过多地玩电脑游戏。



1、It is for the benefit of maintaining the ecological balance that human beings ought to protect the endangered animal species.正是为了维持生态平衡,人类才应该保护地球上濒危的动物物种。

2、It is not until people suffer from some fatal diseases such as SARS and AIDS that they are becoming aware of how significant it is for the government to invest more money in medical care. 直到人们患了像非典和爱滋病这样致命的疾病时,才意识到政府把更多的钱投入到医疗上的重要性。

3、Nothing in the world is more valuable than health. 世界上没有比健康更重要的了。



1、Studies show that juvenile delinquency rates are twice as high for youngsters from single-parent families as for those in traditional households. (同级比较)研究表明来自单亲家庭的青少年犯罪率是来自传统家庭的两倍

2、Generally speaking, people in modern times enjoy less leisure time than they did previously.(比较级)一般说来,现代人比过去享有更少的休闲时间。

3、Compared with those with different abilities, children with intelligence do more well in their school work and intelligence tests. 与不同能力的孩子相比,聪明的孩子在学业和智力测验方面表现更加突出。

4、Contrary to pop stars, other professionals like doctors and teachers create the true value for their society. 与明星不同,其他专业人员如医生和教师为社会创造了真正的价

5、Air is to human what (as) water is to fish. 空气对人类就如同水对鱼一样。



1、Computers, most important of all, create wide communication around the world. 较重要的是,计算机在世界范围内建立了广泛的交流。

2、Providing more parking areas, in the long run, has proved to be a practical way out in many large cities in the world. 从长远的利益来看,提供更多的停车位证明是许多世界大城市切实可行的出路。

3、Observing local culture, consciously and unconsciously, can reduce the chance of offending the locals, or it will lead to the embarrassment and even conflict. 无论是否意识到,遵循当地的文化可以减少冒犯当地人的机会,否则,就会导致尴尬甚至冲突。

4、Space exploration, some people believe, will bring some unexpected discoveries. 有人相信空间探索将会带来意想不到的发现。



1、Violent films can do harm to young people, because they contains numerous negative information. 暴力影片对年轻人是有害的,因为其中包含大量负面信息。

2、Human beings are chiefly responsible for wild animal extinction.  野生动物灭绝的主要责任在人类。

3 、We should attribute (ascribe)medical advances to the animals which do substantial contributions to the experiment. 我们应该把医学的发展归因于动物对实验做出的巨大贡献

4、Because of overpopulation, water shortage has become one of the most serious problems.由于人口过剩,水短缺已经成为一个较严重的问题。

5、Owing to the fierce competition in today’s world, a great many young people find themselvesunder great pressure.由于当今世界的激烈竞争,大量的年轻人承受巨大的压力。


例句:     1、It is hard to imagine what our life would look like without computers in modern society. 很难想象如果现代社会没有了计算机,我们的生活会变成什么样子。

2、It is conceivable that being physically active does good to health.可想而知,积极参加体育活动有利于身体健康。

3、It is a highly controversial issue whether women should join the armed forces or女性是否应该参军是一个非常有争议的问题。

4、It is universally acknowledged that water and air are indispensable to human beings. 人们普遍认为,水和空气对人类不可缺少。

5、It is essential that endangered species of animals be protected against being killed.保护濒危的动物物种免遭残杀是必需的。

6、It is high time that the government took effective measures to solve these problems.该是政府 采取有效措施来解决这些问题的时候了。

7、It has been made easier for modern people to communicate with each other by the internet in a few seconds.现代人很容易通过互联网在几秒钟内就取得联系

8、It is worth caring about the way a child behaves.关心孩子们的行为方式是值得的。

9、It is no use crying over the spilt milk. 覆水难收。

10、It has been a few decades since the computer came into being.自从计算机问世以来已经有几十年的时间了。



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