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1解决: Solve, deal with, cope with, handle, resolve, address, tackle

2损害: Damage, hurt, injure, harm, impair, undermine, jeopardize

3给与:Give, offer, render, impart, provide, supply, afford

4培养::Develop, cultivate, foster

5优势:Advantage, merit, virtue, benefit, upside, strength

6 缺陷:Disadvantage, demerit, drawback, downside, weakness

7 使迷惑:Puzzle, bewilder, perplex, baffle

8 重要的:Key, crucial, critical, important, significant, vital, substantial, indispensable, imperative

9 认为:Think, believe, insist, maintain, assert, conclude, deem, hold, argue, be convinced, be firmly convinced, be fully convinced

10 保护:Protect, conserve, preserve

11确保:Assure, ensure, guarantee, pledge

12 有害的: Bad, baneful evil, harmful, detrimental

13 要求 :Request, demand, needs, requisition

14 消除 :Eliminate, clear, remove, clear up, take away, smooth away

15 导致: Lead to, bring about, result in, cause, spark off, conduce to, procure, induce, generate

16 因此:So, therefore, thus, hence, consequently, as a consequence, accordingly, as a result, because of this, as a result of this

17 增长至:Grow to,rise to,increase to,go up to,climb to,ascend to,jump to,shoot to

18降低至:Dip to,fall to,decline to,decrease to,drop to,go down to,reduce to, slump to,descend to,sink to,slide to

19保持稳定:Level out,do not change,remain stable,remain still,remain steady,be stable,maintain the same level,remain unchanged,be still,remain the same level,stay constant,keep at the same level,level off,stabilize,keep its stability,even out

20 急剧地:Dramatically,drastically,sharply,hugely,enormously,steeply,substantially,considerably,significantly,markedly,surprisingly,strikingly,radically,remarkably,vastly,noticeably


22 宣称:Allege, assert, declare, claim

23 发生:Happen, occur, take place

24 原因:Reason, factor, cause

25 发展:Development, advance, progress

26 有益的:Useful, helpful, beneficial, profitable, rewarding, advantageous

27 影响:Influence, impact, effect

28明显的:Clear, obvious, evident, self-evident, manifest, apparent, crystal-clear

29占:Comprise, take up, account for, constitute, consist of, make up, occupy, hold, compose

30与…相比:Compared with,compared to,in comparison with,in comparison to,by comparison with,by comparison to

31对比而言:By contrast,in contrast,on the other hand,on the contrary=,conversely

32展示:Show, reveal, illustrate, demonstrate, depict, present, represent, describe

33 大约:Approximately,almost,about,around,nearly,roughly

34波动:Fluctuate,go ups and downs,display a fluctuation,demonstrate a fluctuation

35事实上:Practically,in practice,essentially,in essence,in reality,in effect,in fact,as a matter of fact,it is a fact that

36换言之:Namely,that is to say,in other words,to put it like this,to put it differently,to put it from another way,to put it from another angle




In recent years, along with the boom of the world’s economy, _____is becoming increasingly prevalent at amazing rate. Someone thinks that _____. But from my point of view, I can only disagree with the statement and the reasons are given below.


The main reason that I oppose to the above view can be mainly attributed to _____.


However, it is undeniable that _____ in a short term. But in a long run, _____.


For the reasons presented above, I personally believe that _____. Argumentation——雅思大作文主要类型


提供一种观点(To what extent do you agree or disagree/Do you agree or disagree?);

提供两种观点(Discuss both sides);

提供优缺点比较(advantages outweigh disadvantages?)。




1. People still have mixed views on whether……(本文要讨论的话题)In this essay, I will examine the view that……(转述题目中提供的那种看法)

2. The issue of whether……(辩论话题)has received much public attention. In this essay, I will explore the opinion that……(改写题目所给的观点)

3. A criticism often heard these days is that……(辩论话题)

They say that……(转述题目所给观点)

I disagree/ agree with this point of view for……reasons.4. In these days, the issue of whether……(辩论话题)

has aroused people’s discussion. Some people believe that……(改写题目所给观点)

I disagree/ agree with this point of view and I will analyze the issue in the following passage.5. Recently, the issue of……(辩论话题)

has been brought into public focus. People have different ideas about it. Some people believe that……(改写题目所给观点)

Personally, I think this point of view is overly simplistic.6. The progression of……(背景)

is inevitable and undeniable. What is under controversy is whether……(题目所给观点)

To be frank, I am in high favor of……(自己观点)